We have provided you with a department-wise contact list. If any query, please contact the respective authority given in the list.

Dr. Geeta patel  Chairperson 9928016301
Sh. Umesh Garg Managing Director 9116198441
Sh.Ghanshyam Prasad Addl. Pvt. Secretary(MD) 9928016320
Sh. Vijay Kumar Vyas Incharge (MIS) 9928150877
Dr. Bhupesh Bhargava Incharge (P&I) 9928016306
Sh. S.K. Dangi Incharge(Engineering) 9928016314
Sh. Bharat Shrimali Incharge (P&A) 9928016308
Sh. R.K. Jatana Rt. Manager(Mktg) 9928016313
Ms. Usha Jain Incharge(QC) 9928084379
Sh. A.K. Kumbhat Dy. Manager (F & A) 9928377441
Sh. Vipin Sharma Incharge (Purchase) 9928016316
Sh. D.K. Tak Incharge(Plant) 9829708328